Oil lamps enhance the atmosphere of a traditional home, and add an eclectic touch to any modern theme!










Atmospheric Lighting

The light from an oil lamp is subtle, exotic and romantic. Your oil lamps will create an irresistible atmosphere in any room. Burning a lamp is safer than burning a candle and it lasts much longer; it will never melt!
Charm your friends with oil lamps on the table at your next dinner party for a ‘taste’ of the past. Oil lamps enhance the atmosphere of a traditional home, and adds an eclectic touch to any modern theme.

Relaxation and Health

For those cherished times alone, there is no illumination more relaxing and meditative than the soft, soothing light of an oil lamp. In addition, the flame of burning olive oil ionizes the atmosphere, contributing to health and well-being. With this in mind one can use an oil lamp in a yoga class.

Oil lamps are perfect for gardens and verandas due to the ability the flame has to endure gusts of wind.

Educational Purposes

Oil lamps of various sizes and themes are available from Epalladio. Imagine using them as educational tools in history or culture classes, or even for your own children at home.

Gifts and Promotions

Oil lamps make perfect gifts! Our oil lamps are unique and one of a kind gifts for all type of people, because of its historical value its an object anyone can relate to.
Your company can order custom-made oil lamps embossed with your own design or logo for unforgettable promotional offers