Our lamps can be lit with any household cooking oil. They burn a beautiful steady light using a little olive oil and cotton wick and are reusable for many years.





Frequently Asked Questions






1. Q. " I am using the oil lamp for the first time. I am a little worried. Is it safe?"

A. For over 15,000 years people have been using oil lamps. There really isn't anything to worry about. Look at our instructions of use and you will see, as demonstrated in the pictures, there are just a few easy steps. Follow these steps and your oil lamp will work, and work safely. Olive oil, like all vegetable oils, is safe burning and will never cause the lamp to explode. Do not use paraffin oils, however. All of the oil lamps in the Epalladio Collection are made of high-fired stoneware clay which prevents leakage. Each lamp has a special place for the wick so that the flame remains safe and functional. As with all open flames, they must be kept in safe places and out of the reach of children.

2. Q. "Can I use my oil lamp in a sauna?"

A. Olive oil lamps can work in a sauna. Oil can endure high temperatures without a problem, so you're free to create a harmonious atmosphere in just about any environment you choose.

3. Q. " What do I do when the wick has finished?"

A. The wick that comes with your lamp can last for weeks depending on how large the flame is and how often you burn it. The wick must be made of 100% cotton. You can order ready trimed wick directly from Epalladio which are easy to use and burn much longer.

4. Q." Are your oil lamps authentic replicas?"

A. We have studied authentic oil lamps from museums around the world. The attention we have to the original designs and shapes have given us the ability to recreate them in the same way they had been made so many centuries before. With a deep respect for tradition we have combined the ancient ways of living with modern day standards of performance.

6. Q. "Could Epalladio Art Workshop make a custom lamp for me?"

A. We can do this. Custom lamps are great gifts, not only as promotion for your school or business, but also as presents to yourself. For more details about this contact us.