The ancient Greeks named these protrusions "MIXAN, or " DIMIXAN" and "TRIMIXAN" for those with two or three chambers, respectively.












           These enchanting hanging oil lamps brings a mysterious atmosphere to any home.  



 Prosforos    Code: 01HA 1  ( H:3 W:9 L:15.5 cm )









Sposianos   Code: 01HA 2  ( H:3 W:9 L:15.5 cm )




All items are handmade original signed creations from Epalladio Art Workshop.





              Loukios   Code: 01HA 3  ( H:3 W:9 L:15.5 cm )



        Hionos   Code: 01HA4  ( H:3 W:9 L:15.5 cm )






These olive oil lamps are replicas of ancient lamps.
            For use with olive oil or any vegetable oil. Includes wicks and instructions.

All our oil lamps are handmade from high fired clay " Stoneware".

The name of the clay testifies to the durability and quality of this lamp. These oil lamps are made to be used. They are easy to clean and will not seep olive oil as porous terracotta clay lamps might.


Personalize your oil lamp! Here at Epalladio workshop we can customize your lamp with your name or date of an event even a small inscription. Email us