Our lamps create the most ecological lighting to be enjoyed in the home.












   In order to care properly for your new Epalladio olive oil lamp you will find it helpful to order from our accessories. Our wicks are made of 100% cotton and are the proper size for all of our olive oil lamps. Remember that every Epalladio oil lamp you will recieve instructions and one cotton wick, but it's always good to have a few extra!  




Cotton wick : code: 01AC1  (one packet with 5 cotton oil lamp wicks) 
Bulk cotton wick : code: 01AC2
(1 yard or 1 meter cotton wick)  
Controller of flame : code: 01AC3 (one metal 'tweezer' tool) 


  Oil lamp stands

 Oil lamp stand code: 01AC4  

  Take a look at this handmade lamp stand with a practical handle and a beautiful black finish. It will bring your oil lamp to another level of fuctionality.





        Oil lamp stand code: 01AC5
Here is a lamp stand that will really show off your oil lamp. The 'pedistal' hight of this stand will enhance the beautiful light of an olive oil lamp even more!